Issues Coeur d’Alene voters care about:

Life: I am adamantly pro-life and have been endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life.

• Health Care: High premiums, outrageous deductibles and expensive government mandates have created an unsustainable system. We must develop fair, market-based solutions to allow consumer more choice and transparency in pricing.

• Education: I support increased choice in education as well, with a variety of options from traditional, to charters, to CTE and more. Parents can make a big difference in the education of their children by being involved at home, and at school, if possible. Research has shown that the most important factor in student success is a great teacher and/or a parent who believes in them.

• Gun Rights: I am an A-rated member of the NRA and a long-time advocate for responsible gun ownership. I believe when responsible, educated and trained people are carrying guns, we are all safer.

• Jobs and Business: With our current unemployment rate of 2.9%, Idaho is among the top in the nation for the number of working citizens. In the legislature, we are reducing regulations and unnecessary licensure requirements in order to remove barriers to entry for good jobs and businesses. We just passed a $100 million tax cut for citizens and businesses, both large and small, with extra tax credits for families with children. Our state economy is healthy and growing!