There are several issues which are highly important to most Coeur d’Alene voters.  Here is a quick overview of my stands on those topics:

1.  Honesty is essential in good government and that it is in short supply right now.  During political campaigns, candidates promise the world but, when they get into office, many forget those commitments and instead start wheeling and dealing for special interest groups and their own advancement. I promise to stand strong for the conservative values that made Idaho great.

2.  Health Care: Idaho was the only state with a Republican Governor and a Republican legislature, which approved a state exchange. 26 other states refused to start a state exchange and have been making a big difference. Many people in Idaho have seen their private insurance policy prices jump by huge percentages. Privacy in the online exchanges is not to be expected, we are told, and quality of care is declining.  I intend to work with those in the legislature who are looking for free market solutions to mitigate or replace parts of Obamacare / ACA, as well as the proposed Medicaid expansion.

3. Common Core is an unproven educational system of standards and testing being promoted by the Federal government. I am not in favor of Idaho using this system because of the unknown nature of its impacts, the psychometric nature of the SBAC test, and because of the data collection, which allows privacy intrusion by the Federal government as well as other interested parties. I believe deeply in high quality education.  Each of our four children went all the way through CdA schools, graduated with honors,  and received scholarships to great colleges & universities.  They are now highly successful in their careers as a doctor, lawyer, nurse and business analyst.  Parents can make a big difference in the education of their children, but Common Core pushes parents away from the process and overrides the basic rights of parents to determine their children’s education.

4. Gun Rights: I am an A-rated member of the NRA and a long time advocate for responsible gun ownership. I believe when responsible, educated and trained people are carrying guns, we are all safer.

5.  Jobs and Business: We can’t have one without the other, and right now Idaho needs more of both!  Idaho has one of the highest number of minimum wage jobs, per capita, in the country. We need more and better jobs. What are the roadblocks to growing both jobs and business?  Taxes, Regulations, Education, Obamacare/ACA.
At the state level can do something about these.  We can reduce the taxes and regulation which hurt business, improve the quality of education in our state and work to mitigate the burden and uncertainty of health care